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All mountain snowboards: a ride with no limits!

Love all kinds of riding? Then an all mountain snowboard is for you. Built for the all round rider who doesn't discriminate and likes all kinds of snowboarding. You love to explore the mountain and will go anywhere. If you're like me you don't care what the day ahead on the mountain may hold as long as you are strapped into your snowboard and having fun.

Go anywhere

All round snowboards are designed to cope with all kinds of terrain. No limits. They are just as well equiped for a day in the park as they are for making a huge arching pow turn on a bluebird day. If this sounds like your idea of a perfect day on your snowboard then an all mountain board won't let you down.

Different shapes and sizes

Although a varied days riding is your idea of heaven, if you are like me i'm sure there is one type of snowboarding that you tend to do more than the other. I tend to like hammering down the pistes and riding fast, because of this I got myself a board with a slightly stiffer flex that will stay stable at high speeds. All mountain snowboards come in all shapes and sizes. Directional twin, directional and true twin (if you're lost, this article will tell you more about the different Types of snowboards).

All mountain snowboards come with a variety of different flex options, cambers and profile cuts...basically the choice of characteristics of all mountain boards is almost endless. In other words you can get a board that leans towards your favourite type of riding but will still hold its own across the whole mountain.

Specific design

If you want an all mountain board but would rather one that is biased towards one kind of riding (park for example) then head to the article how to choose a snowboard and read up on the specific boards that are made for the type of riding you do the most. Keep these specific characteristics in mind and lean towards a board at that end of the scale when you buy your all mountain board and you are good to go

A board for everyone

whatever your budget, experience or riding style bias, you will have no problem finding an all mountain board to that fits the bill and will help you progress as a rider.


Remeber to check what size all mountain board you need before you head to the shops. To find out more or to re-cap then check out this snowboard sizing chart.

Latest all mountain snowboards

Below you can find a selection of this seasons best all round snowboards for you to drool over. For a wider choice, visit the stores at our online shops page...enjoy! (please note: if you are a girl/woman then head to the womens snowboards page for boards specially built for you).


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