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Beginner snowboards: made for you to progress on!

Don't let the term beginner snowboards put you off. If you are in the market for a new board and have had no more than 3 weeks on the snow then a beginner/progressive board could be for you.

There isn't much better than the feeling of buying your first board. I remember it well. You have the snowboarding bug and you are keen to improve. It happens to us all. Fed up with watching your more experienced friends with their own kit, you want to ditch the hire boards and get one of your own.

Benefits of getting your own board to progress on

As a rider who hasn't a massive amount of experience but who is keen to improve, you should without doubt go for one of the many beginner snowboards on the market. When I got my first board, I didn't really know about how they were built for experience level. Because of this it probably hindered my improvement, that and it being too long for me but that's for another article (that said, if you are unsure as to what size board you need take a look at this snowboard sizing chart to avoid my mistake).

Consistency and confidence...

Having your own board goes beyond having the latest technology to ride, a large part of why it is so beneficial is the consistency you get from riding the same snowboard trip after trip. You get to know your board and how it reacts in different situations and under different conditions. You know it's limitations and what you can safely do on it. With this knowledge of your board comes confidence, you begin to trust your board and you can push yourself and your riding like you would not do on a hire board that you only ever ride for one trip. Constistency and confidence are the biggest benefits of having your own board....that and not having to wait in the hire shop while your mates are in the lift queue!.

Specially built...

Progressive snowboards are built specifically for progressing riders. They will allow you to improve at a much faster rate than you would on a more advanced snowboard. With a forgiving softer flex that will go easy on any little mistakes you may make as you progress and try new things. Made from durable strong materials, beginner snowboards can without doubt stand up to all you throw at them. Materials used also means that they also come in cheaper than their more advanced counterparts... good news all round.

Latest beginner snowboards

Below you can find a selection of this seasons best snowboards for you to drool over. For a wider choice, visit the stores at our online shops page...enjoy! (please note: if you are a girl/woman then head to the womens snowboards page for boards specially built for you).


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