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Snowboarding equipment guide

There is so much snowboarding equipment around now days that it can mess with your brain when you try and work out what it all does, how it differs and why. This snowboarding equipment guide will solve this problem. In easy to understand articles you will learn what is available, how it will affect your riding and how it will help you improve.

Find out about...

Types of snowboards

The difference between board types and their shapes can vary a lot. Each type has it's own pro's and con's. With the right board you can really improve as a rider. Get the knowledge and understanding you need before you open your wallet to part with your hard earned cash.

How to choose a snowboard

it can be easy to end up with a board that isn't quite right for you. Make sure this doesn't happen by getting it dialled in your head what type of snowboard you need. The easy to follow chart will make sure you end up with your perfect stick!

Snowboard sizing

Whether a midget, a giant or somewhere in the middle, the easy to use chart will leave you in no doubt as to what size your new snowboard needs to be so it is perfect for you.

Snowboarding boots

There is a saying that you should splash the cash on good shoes and a good bed because they are where you spend most of your time... this couldn't be truer for snowboarding boots. Get the right ones and you will be all smiles...get the wrong ones and you will look like a skiier who just lost their poles! Find out how here.

Snowboarding bindings

Often the overlooked component in your snowboarding equipment, good bindings really can make a difference to your riding. Learn why and then upgrade.

Snowboarding binding parts

How bindings are built can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. Take a look at this guide on snowboard binding parts to see how bindings can differ and what this means for you, your riding and the choice you make when buying.

Snowboard binding size chart

For some reason there is no industry standard for binding sizes. Depending on which manufacturer makes the bindings, sizes differ. Take a look at the snowboard binding size chart. Essential if you are thinking of buyin your bindings online.

Does snowboarding equipment really matter?

When I bought my first board I went into the local "extreme sports shop" around the corner from my work in the UK and I chose one of the 3 boards they had available hanging on the wall. I chose it on what it looked like and because it had cool grapics. I bought my first snowboarding equipment on an impulse and I dropped about ?400 on the set-up.

"Time spent on this now will ensure you get the right kit the next time you are out shopping"

Now, I'm not saying it wasn't good equipment. It served me well and I had some awesome trips on it...however, it wasn't until I was on my first season in Morzine, France years later that I upgraded my equipment.

How does equipment make a difference?

I learnt a bit about what gear was out there and then bought my new kit. I wasn't really expecting new snowboarding equipment to make too much difference to my riding but I couldn't have been more wrong. It gripped the snow like it was on rails and every move I made was almost instant. It almost felt like the new board was an extension of my legs. It helped me improve massively.

Check out the guide below and find out about the different equipment before you buy. Time spent on this now will ensure the next kit you buy is suited to you, your riding style and your experience.

mountain view

Spoilt for choice...

Equipment is so high tech now days that we are all spoilt for choice. If you were given any new board, whatever it's shape and spec it would be awesome and you would have fun on it. It would be like being given a new super car if you had been used to driving a family saloon.

That's not to say you shouldn't know your stuff. Using this equipment guide to do a little research and narrow down your set-up choice to a ball park that will be best for you will make a difference to your riding and is well worth the time. From this pool of suitable equipment you can then visit some shops and make your final decision on graphics, colours and other more fun'll end up with a set-up you love and your riding will come on huge amounts.

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We hope the snowboarding equipment guide has given you the knowledge you need to choose your next set-up. If you have any questions about snowboarding equipment and want to know more then please drop us an email through the

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