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Why a big mountain snowboard will feed your powder addiction!

Why try a powder snowboard? If you have ever ridden powder before you know how awesome it is. That feeling of effortlessly floating across the snow. It almost feels like surfing. The feeling you get from quietly riding across fresh deep snow while listening to your favourite tunes is pretty hard to beat.

Once was enough to get hooked

Although I haven't got my own powder board, I have had a go on a friends and it made for a pretty good days riding. When I was in France for the season in 2010, a friend of mine was injured and he let me borrow his Salomon "Sick stick" on a powder day. I didn't really know what to expect but I can tell you that I had the best days powder riding that I have ever had. It was so much easier to control in those conditions than my all mountain board. There was no effort, turns were easy and it just did not sink in the snow. I don't think I have ever had such a big smile on my face.

Be prepared for the powder

Although powder days are awesome, without a big mountain snowboard they can be a bit of a stressful affair. You can find yourself rushing around in the morning to set your bindings back on your board to make your stance more suited for the conditions. All day you are constantly tweaking your set-up to try and find what works best. This doesn't happen with a big mountain snowboard. When you have access to one, you look out the window on a fresh snow day, pick up your board and run to the lifts as fast as your clunky snowboard boots will carry you.

What makes them so good?

The reasons they are so good for powder riding are numerous. These boards have a set-back stance to help keep the nose out of the snow when you are in the deep fluffy stuff. They are also made that bit stiffer to make sure they stay stable at the high speeds you reach when riding big open powder fields. Often, they are made with slightly different shapes to a regular all mountain snowboard. This quirky shape makes them much easier to ride. No need to keep leaning back to avoid getting buried or force your way into turns. Riding powder is almost effortless on a big mountain snowboard.

What size

If you are thinking of getting a big mountain snowboard it is worth keeping in mind that you may need one on one advice from an expert as to what length you should get. With other types of boards you can use a snowboard sizing chart to get an idea as to what size board you are going to need. With a big mountain snowboard their out of the ordinary shapes can make it hard to generalise the lengths of the differnt boards into a chart format. The best thing to do would be to talk to the shop assistant or email the online retailer before you buy to get their advice on the exact board that you have your eye on. Better safe than sorry!

Good powder days - there is nothing better!

Latest big mountain snowboards

Below you can find a selection of this seasons powder snowboards for you to drool over. For a wider choice, visit the stores at our online shops page...enjoy! (please note: if you are a girl/woman then head to the womens snowboards page for boards specially built for you).



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