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Freestyle snowboards: get in a spin!

If your favourite type of riding is in the park then purpose built freestyle snowboards are for you! Designed with the modern snow park in mind having one of these boards will almost certainly help you progress at freestyle riding if that is your goal.

Built especially for the park

Freestyle snowboards are slightly different in design from other types of snowboards. They have characteristics that make mastering freestly tricks that bit easier. They have a softer flex than other boards which will make butter tricks and board presses easier. They will almost certainly be a "true twin" shaped snowboard (same shape in the nose and tail with the bindings set in the middle). This means riding switch will be made a lot easier, this is important on a freestyle board because you will often be riding into or landing a trick backwards.

Rocker camber

A lot of modern freestyle snowboards are built with a rocker camber (if you aren't sure what this is then take a look at the article about the different types of snowboards). Basically a rocker board is shaped like a banana. The middle of the base of the board between the bindings touches the snow and peels off of the ground towards the nose and tail. A rocker board is designed to try and reduce the risk of catching edges and to make the board spin on the snow more smoothly.

A rocker board could be useful in the park because it's shape means it is harder to catch an edge and wipeout that a regular camber board. This is ideal when you are leaning new spins as it will give you a bit more room for error and save you a few bruises. The drawer back of a rocker board may be that as you go for bigger tricks at faster speeds, you may find it harder to stop your spin once you have landed causing you to skid out. something to bear in mind as you go for the bigger kickers with more air time.


Because of the soft materials used to make these snowboards, they are often that bit cheaper than their all mountain or big mountain counterparts. Obviously top end boards will be top price but generally, buying a mid range freestyle board will not cost you as much as other types of snowboards.

How it should be done!

Board size

Park boards are normally that bit shorter that other boards to make them easier to controll when doing technical tricks. For a guide as to what size board you would need check out the snowboard sizing chart

Latest freestyle snowboards

Below you can find a selection of this seasons best snowboards for you to drool over. For a wider choice, visit the stores at our online shops page...enjoy! (please note: if you are a girl/woman then head to the womens snowboards page for boards specially built for you).


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