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Snowboard camps: Snow Trainers

Snow Trainers snowboard camps teach you how to become a snowboard instructor so you can land your dream job away from the rat race. We sent them some questions to find out more.

What are your contact details?


Facebook: Snow Trainers


Where do you run your camps?

Queenstown, New Zealand 2. Niseko, Japan 3. Colorado, USA

When do your camps run?

1. July - September 2. Jan - Feb 3. Jan - March

What level of rider do you cater for?

Intermediate, comfortable making turns on blue trails up to Advanced, comfortable on black trails.

What accomodation do you offer?

Lodges and condominiums depending on the location.

What do your camps cost?

Depends on the length and the location, starting from US$6900.

Snow Trainers Japan 2011

What would I learn on your camp?

We offer up to 3 qualifications on our courses to give you the best chance of finding your dream instructor job after the course finishes. Plus we include loads of fun activities like heli-boarding, cat-boarding, bungy jumping and loads more!

Do I need my own gear?

Yes you do.

Blow your own trumpet - why would you reccommend your camp?

We are one of the few courses where the owners are also trainers - we don't sit in an office hundreds of miles away! The two owners, Tony Macri and Matt Phare, are the heads of the AASI (USA) and SBINZ (New Zealand) who run all of the snowboard instructor exams. So you are learning from the best!!!


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