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Snowboarding goggles guide: what to look for

Snowboarding goggles should always be worn when you are out riding. With so many types of goggles available it can be hard to know what to look for when you are buying a new pair. For this reason we have put together a guide that will help you know what to keep in mind the next time you are buying goggles.

When you have finished this article you will know exactly what to look for the next time you're out goggle shopping.

1. The fit

it is important that your snowboarding goggles fit your face shape properly. They should feel snug with no gaps around your face but not too tight. Too big and they will let air in and fog up easily. Too small and they will squash your face and may reduce your field of vision. If you wear a helmet you should also check that your new goggles are going to fit around that ok. You don't want to spend good money on new goggles only to find they and your helmet don't get along.

snowboarding helmet and goggles

2. Vents

Take a look at the frames and see what kind of vents have been included on the goggles. Vents are foam covered air intakes on the goggle frame that are added to aid with anti-fogging. Make sure any goggles you are going to buy have decent vents included in their design.

3. Lens design

Lens design alters greatly between different types of goggles. Read the goggle features or ask the shop assistant for more information on the lenses. At the very least you should look for goggles with double lenses, anti-scratch and 100% UV protection.

  • Double lenses on snowboarding goggles act like double glazing on windows. It stops the cold mountain air from outside reacting with the warm air coming off your skin from inside the goggle and fogging up your lens. An essential feature to look out for.

  • Anti-scratch coating is a layer added to the lens of snowboarding goggles to protect them from those annoying scrathes you can easily pick up. It's annoying to be riding around all day with a blob floating on your field of vision so go for these tougher lenses that are less prone to damage.

  • Like sunglasses, decent goggle lenses now come with 100% UV protection.

4. Snowboarding goggle lens colour guide

Most modern snowboarding goggles have inter changeable lenses. This allows you to swap and change your lens colour depending on the weather conditions you face when out riding. This is a major benefit as you can now essentially have a number of different pairs of goggles at a much lower price.

below is a guide to the most popular lens colours and in what weather conditions they perform the best:

Clear lenses

clear lens snowboard goggles

Clear lenses are good for when you are riding in good light that is not too bright. Perfect for night riding or riding indoors at a snow dome where the light is consistent but without much glare.

Yellow lenses

yellow lens snowboarding goggles

Yellow lenses are good for when the light is low. They help increase contrast of the terrain around you.

Pink lenses

pink lens snownoarding gogggles goggles

Wear pink lenses when the conditions are flat light. They will help distinguish what you are seeing and increase depth perception.

Rose lenses

rose lens snowboarding goggles goggles

Rose lenses are good for a wide range of weather conditions. They increase contrast and are good for using as an all round everyday lens.

Mirrored lenses

mirrored lens snowboarding goggles

Mirror lensed snowboarding goggles are good when the sky is blue and the sun is out. They will protect your eyes on the brightest of days. They will keep the glare out and stop you from squinting.

5. Field of vision

Any goggles you buy should give you a good field of vision with few blind spots. You should have at least a 180 degree view with nothing obscuring what you can see. If you can see the frames of the goggles as you look from side to side then perhaps you should go for another frame shape that are better suited for your face.

6. How much to spend on snowboarding goggles?

When deciding how much to spend on your new goggles remember that like most things in life the more you pay the higher the quality. You can get a decent pair from between £75 and £125 ... an investment worth making. If you will be using the goggles on a few trips then don't go for a cheap pair. Buy cheap buy twice!

7. Goggle care

Look after your goggles and they will last you longer.

  • When not wearing your snowboarding goggles never place them face down on their lenses. If possible put them straight into a case or a pocket without any zips or buttons. Sometimes snowboarding jackets have a pocket specifically for this purpose.

  • Don't wipe the inside of your goggle lenses. This will stop the anti-fog layer from working properly. If they are wet put them somewhere warm where they will dry on their own.

  • Goggles normally come with a cloth included. If possible use this to clean the lenses with. If you have lost it then use some cotton or fabric and NEVER tissue. Tissue is slightly scratchy and may damage and mark your nice new lenses.

  • When packing up your gear before and after a trip always put your goggles somewhere safe for travelling. I find if you put them in their case and carefully put them inside one of your boots they arrive the other end in one piece. You can even use something soft like a pair of snowboarding socks for extra padding.

8. Anti-fogging tips

Look after your goggles and they will last you longer.

  • Try and leave your goggles on your face as much as you can. As soon as you take them off and the differnt air temperatures get at them they will start to fog up.

  • If you find your goggles have fogged up then by far the most effective way to unfog them is to get riding again. The movement of air through the vents on the frames will soon clear the mist and have your vision back to normal. Just be careful whilst you are waiting fr them to clear.

So there you go, all you need to know about goggles. We hope this goggle guide was useful for you. If you are looking for new goggles then take a look at our article on the best online snowboard shops or link to them quickly from the slider below.

Dragon APX Goggles

Dragon APX Goggles

Key Features of the Dragon APX Goggles: Injected Spherical Lens w/ Super Anti Fog Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining Optically Correct Lens Armored Venting Helmet Compat Ible 100% UV Protection Infinity Lens Technology

Anon Comrade Painted Goggles

Anon Comrade Painted Goggles

See it all. Send it into orbit.
Key Features of the Anon Comrade Snowboard Goggles: Anon Spherical Lens Technology Full Perimeter Channel Venting Pivoting Flush Mount Hinge Low Profile, Lightweight Frame Triple Layer Face Foam

Giro Blok Goggles

Giro Blok Goggles

HEAVY ON STYLE Athlete inspired, with a huge field of view and a badass retro look, the Giro Blok lets you devour pillow lines and park laps with style. We combined clean lines with our innovative Expansion View Technology and premium Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision for a stylish, versatile goggle with exceptional visibility. Optimized vents and all that interior space helps keep your vision clear in any condition.
Key Features of the Giro Blok Goggles: Super Fit large size adult frame Injection-molded cylindrical lens Helmet compatible design Triple Face Foam with micro fleece facing Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision

Vonzipper Fishbowl Goggles

Vonzipper Fishbowl Goggles

The biggest fish in the pond, the Fishbowl is the top of the goggle food chain. Fishbowl will remain comfortable and flexible in all snow conditions so you can be a fresh fish...
Key Features of the Vonzipper Fishbowl Snowboard Goggles: Ergonomic frame design thermopolyurethane injection molded frame 100% UV protection supersized dual spherical polycarbonate lens Maximum peripheral vision Barricade anti-fog and hard coated lens Polar fleece lined triple density face foam Oversized dual adjustable strap Helmet compatible Microfiber goggle bag included

Dragon NFX Goggles Rasta/Red Ionized + Yellow Blue Ionized Lens

Dragon NFX Goggles Rasta/Red Ionized + Yellow Blue Ionized Lens

Key Features of the Dragon NFX Goggles: Patented Frameless Technology Armored Venting Flexible Dual Lexan Lens Anti-Fog Treated (Aft) 100% UV Protection Hypoallergenic Micro-Fleece Lining Helmet Compat Ible


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