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snowboarding exercise
snowboarding exercise

Snowboarding exercise warm up routine

Running through a simple snowboarding exercise warm up routine before you point your board downhill and get going is and easy and effective way to minimise the risk of injuries while riding.

"Take five minutes to do some simple stretches and you could avoid going home early"

When riding most major muscle groups are used to help you keep your balance and make turns. As you shift your weight your muscles are put under stress and made to work. Muscles that you may not use every day. Muscles that are going to get sore.

You don't have to go through a whole Jane Fonda exercise class out on the mountain but a few simple stretches could make all the difference.

5 minutes

Snowboarding trips go hand in hand with late nights, too much booze and not enough sleep. Not good for creating supple muscles. Run through the snowboarding exercise warm-up routine below for 5 minutes every time you strap on your board and you could prevent your trip getting cut short by a preventable injury.


Every snowboarding exercise can be carried out with your board strapped to your feet. They cover all major muscle groups that are used when snowboarding. Remember, that you can never stretch too much and the more you do the better. If your muscles still feel tight after five minutes then run through the routine again. Better safe than sorry!

Exercise 1: the calf stretch

snowboarding exercise

When snowboarding the calf gets a lot of use. Especially when riding on your toe edge for a long period of time. To warm it up assume the position you see in the picture and put your weight on your toes. Push back through your heels towards the ground. You should feel the stetch up the back of your lower leg. For a deeper stretch bring your hands and feet closer together. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 2: the quad stretch

snowboarding exercise

Quads, or the muscles at the front of your upper legs play a big part in keeping you balanced when riding. Due to them being so big, they are going to hurt a lot if they get injured. To stretch them assume the position in the picture. Hold your board to aid blanace and to get some leverage. Push your hips forward as you lean back with your upper body. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 3: the hamstring stretch

snowboarding exercise

Too much booze and not enough water really causes your hamstrings to tighten like old elastic. When they pull it is like being stabbed with a rusty knife. It hurts! Find a flat surface for this snowboarding exercise, bend at the waist and try and touch your toes. Keep your knees slightly flexed to begin with and feel the stretch in the back of your upper leg. For a deeper stretch straighten your legs if you can. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 4: the back stretch

snowboarding exercise

When riding your upper body takes a pounding just as much as your legs. Don't forget to warm this area up too. You back is constantly twisting and turning and needs to be prepared. Sit on the floor and put your hands together in front of you as shown. As you push foward with your hands push your back in the opposite direction. You should feel the stretch in the centre of your back. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 5: the back (side) stretch

snowboarding exercise

As with the centre of your back, your sides or Lateral muscles need stretching too. Stay sat on the floor as shown in the picture. Reach across your body with your arm and try not to twist your body too much. Feel the stretch in the muscles at the side of your back. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times and then do the same with your opposite arm to stretch the other side of your back.

Exercise 6: the neck stretch

snowboarding exercise

Don't forget about your neck. As you ride it doesn't really stop working. Not to mention the stress it is put under if you catch and edge and wipe out un expectedly. This snowboarding exercise will loosen your neck for a hard day of riding. To stretch it hold your head and pull it to one side GENTLY and in a smooth motion. Feel the stretch in the side of your neck. Count to ten and relax. Repeat 3 times on both sides.

Exercise 7: the shoulder stretch

snowboarding exercise

When riding your shoulders may not take as much pressure as other body parts but they do get strained when you fall. Warm them up! Sit as pictured and reach across your body with a straight arm. Pull your elbow towards you with your other hand feeling the stretch in your shoulder. Count to 10 and relax. Repeat 3 times on both sides.

Use your common sense

The above exercises are just an example of how to warm up your muscles before you ride. If they don't feel right then stop straight away and find a stretch more comfortable for you. It isn't important how you warm up your muscles just as long as you do. If you have any questions then please drop us an email through the Contact us page. Get warm and have fun riding.


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