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Womens snowboard bindings

snowboard bindings

In the context of getting a great snowboarding set-up, buying womens snowboard bindings that are up to date and right for your riding style should only be trumped by getting some suitable snowboarding boots.

Bindings may not be as exciting to buy as a nice new jacket or some new board pants but they are without doubt much more important. A decent pair can make your day on the mountain a lot more comfortable.

An important part of your set-up

Decent womens snowboard bindings are important to your experience of snowboarding. Just like shoes, bindings have a number of pressure points at which your foot will be under the most stress. If the bindings are not right for you then these pressure points will be the first places your feet will begin to hurt. Foot pain while snowboarding is not a nice experience and can literally reduce you to a quivering mess on the side of the piste getting some funny looks from those passing by. Getting some decent womens snowboard bindings will go some way to preventing this.

The womens snowboard bindings you choose are the interface between you and your snowboard and are responsible for transferring the movements you make with your body to the board so it is essential they are right for you and comfortable. A good pair of bindings really can make all the difference to how your days riding is going to go.

Benefits of a good pair of bindings

The benefits of buying snowboard bindings that are up to date and designed for your favourite type of snowboarding are massive. To name but a few a good pair will:

  • Be comfortable and padded allowing you to ride for longer without suffering the crippling foot pain that can come with ill fitting bindings.

  • Be purpose built for the type of riding that you like to do the most.

  • Softer bindings will be better for begginers and park rats where as more advanced riders or powder addicts will need to look for a stiffer pair.

  • New bindings are a lot lighter than they used to be so they almost go un noticed on the end of your legs once you are strapped in.

Want to learn more?

if you are thinking of buying womens snowboard bindings soon and want to learn more about what to look out for when you find youreself in the shop, head to the snowboarding equipment guide for a look at the different types bindings that you can get your hands on now days. Learn what you need to think about if you want to get the most suitable bindings for you and your riding style.

Buying womens bindings online

Once you know what type of bindings you want and what size you need (check out the snowboarding binding size chart if you're not sure) then there is no reason you can't buy your bindings from an online retailer. Unlike boots, it is not as important to try them on before you part with your hard earned cash. If you can it is a bonus but it is not a deal breaker!

A selection of this seasons best bindings

If you already know your stuff and are ready to get your new bindings you can find a selection of this seasons best choices below. With product descriptions are a selection of the best pairs of men's bindings around this season.

For a wider choice when buying snowboard bindings, check out our article on the best online shops. If you can't find a good pair there you won't find them anywhere!


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