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craig kelly

If you could be a professional snowboarder, who would you be?

Professional snowboarders are a lucky breed. The other day I was watching Nike's "Never Not Part 2" snowboard film and it got me thinking.

The film looks at all of the different types of snowboarders they have on their team. It gives a real insight into what it takes to make it in each discipline.

Despite the differences in the various types of snowboarding, there are a number of similarities to becoming a pro in any of them. After I had finished watching the film it made me realise that the feeling behind all types of snowboarding is the same.

Certain parts of the film ressonated with me more than others and I realised that if I could be a pro then I would definitley be a powder hound, seeking out the endless open bowls and the solitude of the mountains.

It struck me as a fun idea to create an infographic on the topic to see what you guys thought. Take a look and find out which type of rider you would like to be.

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