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How Craig Kelly looked at snowboarding

Craig Kelly really was the pioneer of modern snowboarding. He took the sport from its humble skateboard beginnings and dragged it into a more professional and disciplined art form.

Everything he did when on a snowboard had a purpose. Normally that purpose was to simply have some fun.

The film Let it Ride is a story about Craigs life and influence on the sport of snowboarding. If you haven’t seen it yet it really is a great movie and will teach you a lot about the history of the sport and how it has developed over the years.

Below is a quote from the film when Craig is talking about how he views snowboarding and the mountains. I think you will agree this is a pretty pure and beautiful way to look at what we love to do.

When I look down a run and it’s got some banks and jumps, I can just picture myself rolling a basketball down the hill.

Maybe even having a little spin on it as it starts, and it start corkscrewing down the hill and working its’s way…

..and if hits a jump, and it’s got a natural tendency to spin, then that’s a good place to spin.

I like thinking in terms of a ball doing a smooth line down a hill I think.

Next time you are sat at the top of a run throw on your favourite tune and try and remember these words from one of the founders of our sport. I’m sure you’ll have a pretty cool experience. Maybe even the line of your life.

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